Christchurch Harbour Entrance - Shallow After The Storms

As Easter approaches Christchurch Harbour is recovering from the effects of winter floods. Iford Bridge and local caravan parks made the national news over Christmas plus the floods left a lot of debris in the water. So how does a shallow harbour affect local boaters? Kayakers change their routes and paddle harder. Dinghy sailors are used to touching the bottom, then lifting their centre boards fast! Larger sailing cruisers simply go aground and rest on their keels if the water is not deep enough.

But shallow water is really bad news for RIBs and powerboats that need to avoid touching the bottom, even in harbour or river mud, as it can damage propellers. This year a depth sounder will be useful for getting in and out of Christchurch Entrance – the bar is shifting and very shallow. The bar is made up of sand and shingle so avoid hitting this at any time. The Run needs to form a new channel and we all hope that the buoyage will be back in for Easter.

Before the first trip out all boaters should check their lifejackets and safety kit. Power boaters need to make sure that their engines are running well, adding new fuel improves the combustion, and always use ‘kill cords’. Mudeford RNLI do a great job all year round so remember to give generously.

See you on the water!!

John Haynes

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