Specialist RIB Training

Our specialist BLUE RIDE courses give training based on actual experiences. The equipment advice looks at balance and setting up the boat correctly with controls in the right place. This course is fluid depending on the individuals with emphasis on intuition and thinking ahead.

The OBJECTIVE is to develop an intuitive approach to RIBs and anticipating changing conditions at sea. The PRACTICAL includes hazard avoidance, interacting with other craft, crew awareness and communication. The THEORY discusses reaction, approach to situations, safety, navigation strategies and the benefits of planning.

Boat Operating Skills

The most essential qualities for a boat captain are planning ahead and the ability to take charge. The crew recognises these abilities and feels confident when they are kept informed. A pre-passage briefing focuses on crew safety, demonstrates use of emergency equipment and considers the weather. Skills include boat handling, collision avoidance, pilotage and navigation.

Decision Making Afloat

An example is the man overboard recovery when a casualty (or fender) goes over the side. The current boat driver has to instantly brief the crew and return to retrieve the casualty. Delegation and a discussion on the problems of having a real person in the water follows. This is intended to be a test of fundamental emergency reaction and requires rapid and creative thinking.

Evolving Challenges

Initially the sea, weather and 'crew settling' provide sufficient challenges. Raw competence can be observed by how candidates approach these situations. Depending on the individuals the course provides increasingly complex simulated scenarios. At the end of each session candidates are debriefed and given recommendations.

Intuitive Training

For some candidates anticipation and an intuitive approach come naturally from other activities. We are looking for a 'groove' where things happen instinctively and the boat feels right. If you sail offshore for extended periods, especially at night, you will understand the power of this sensation. Depending on your expectations a two day course may be most effective.

Every day is intended to be a hugely positive experience for every participant. We are flexible and will be pleased to discuss your requirements regarding training objectives

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