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Click on the links below for LOCAL & UK TIDE TIMES . . .

TIDES: For All Watersports Today - Admiralty Tide Tables For Today

TIDES: For All Watersports This Week - Tide Tables For The Next 7 Days

TIDE TIMES: Check if tide times are GMT or BST (British Summer Time is GMT+1)
NEAP TIDES: Neaps have lower high tides & higher low tides. Tidal flow is slower.
SPRING TIDES: Springs have higher high tides & lower low tides. Tidal flow is faster.

Click on the links below for WEATHER FORECASTS . . .

SEA: UK Inshore Waters - Regions - Inshore Waters 24 Hour Forecast

For Central South Coast weather use the coastal area 'Selsey Bill To Lyme Regis'

SEA: UK Weather Guide - Local Areas - BBC 24 Hour Local Forecast

For Christchurch weather use the coastal area 'The Solent & Christchurch Bay'

LAND: UK & European Weather Guide - Met Office 5 Day Forecast

LAND: UK Weather Guide - Local Areas - Metcheck 3 Day Forecast

Click on the links below for SPECIALIST WEATHER . . .

SAIL: Windsurf & Sailing Weather Guide -  Wind Finder 7 Day Forecast

SAIL: Windsurf & Sailing Weather Guide -  Wind Guru 7 Day Forecast

SAIL: UK & Atlantic Winds - Magic Seaweed 7 Day Wind Chart

SURF: UK & Atlantic Swells - Magic Seaweed 7 Day Swell Chart

SURF: National Data Buoy Centre - English Channel Wave Buoy

OCEAN: National Data Buoy Centre - World Map Of Wave Buoys

OCEAN: Atlantic Weather Systems - Atlantic Pressure Chart Animation

Click on the links below for LIVE WEATHER . . .

POOLE: Wind & Weather Conditions Now - Poole Harbour Live Weather

SOLENT: Wind & Weather Conditions Now - Southampton Live Weather

CHRISTCHURCH: Wind Speed & Direction - Mudeford Anemometer

HURST: Wind Speed & Direction - Hurst Castle Anemometer

YARMOUTH: Wind Speed & Direction - Yarmouth Anemometer

PORTLAND: Wind Speed & Direction - Portland Anemometer

Click on the links below for INTERNATIONAL WEATHER . . .

BARCELONA: Weather For Western Med - Barcelona 5 Day Forecast

MARSEILLE: Weather For Central Med - Marseille 5 Day Forecast

CORFU: Weather for Northern Ionian - Corfu 5 Day Forecast

RHODES: Weather for Eastern Med - Rhodes 5 Day Forecast

WORLD: Weather Around The World - Global 5 Day Forecasts

TIME ZONES: Time Around The World - International Time & Date

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