Very High Tides This Year

Why are tides higher than usual?

High astronomic tides (also known as "spring tides") will be at their greatest over the next 18 months. This is because September 2015 is the point in a natural 19 year cycle when the sun, moon and earth align to exert the greatest force on the tides in the UK.

The increase in the size and number of high natural tides this coming winter means that there is a small, but elevated, increase in risk of coastal flooding this winter. 

However, the weather conditions that generate a tidal surge, or extreme waves on the west and south coasts, will continue to be the dominant factors influencing coastal flood risk.

When are the tides notably high this autumn and winter?

Over the course of autumn and winter 2014 / 2015, notable high natural tides will occur along all parts of the UK coastline, but particularly on:
• August 12th and 13th
• September 10th and 12th - the highest astronomic tide for 2014 / 2015
• October 9th and 10th
• January 22nd and 23rd
• February 20th and 21st

High astronomic tides alone do not cause a significant coastal flood risk. Significant coastal flooding on the east coast is dependent on the combined effect of high natural tides and weather generated tidal surge and wave conditions.

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